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Nov 11, 2019

Our brand new (beta) website is live! Check out the new site as it takes shape by clicking here:




Welcome to Bishops Nympton Primary School website

We are a rural primary school which promotes the development of our children's educational needs in a caring and secure environment. We aim to create an atmosphere in which self-confidence is balanced by respect for each other and the wider community.

Our emphasis is on teaching and learning which takes place in a variety of ways. By providing a stimulating environment, we aim to impart knowledge, teach skills and promote a positive attitude towards learning. Children vary in their abilities and needs. We aim to develop each to his/her potential.

Together with our partner school, East Anstey Primary School, we formed the Exmoor Link Federation in September 2011.  

We firmly believe that federation offers security and development opportunities for both staff and pupils in small rural schools, whilst still retaining the unique identity of each member school

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